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Blackhawk Bowhunters offers its members the opportunity to hone hunting skills as well as shooting skills. Located at our 12 acre facility just south of Verona, our club is available for your use 7 x 24 (minus any published range closures for shoot setups, club events, etc.) We offer the following outdoor shooting solutions with your membership:

  • 6 Outdoor practice field tip target range from 20 to 80 yards
  • 3 Outdoor practice broadhead target range from 20 to 40 yards
  • 14 Outdoor NFAA compressed bales targets ranging from 10 to 80+ meters
  • 16 Outdoor seasonal 3D targets (small fee for non-league shooters)
  • 4 Outdoor elevated, very stable shooting platforms
  • Crossbow use allowed ONLY when the shooter brings their own portable target to shoot

Inside our air-conditioned clubhouse you will find a seating area to sit back and share stories with fellow members. We have a beautiful bar with beer and soda, as you enjoy your grilled burgers. Pictures and mounts decorate the walls creating a friendly atmosphere. Blackhawk also offers an indoor shooting range for when mother nature won't allow shooting outside. Blackhawk has 16 target lanes to choose from. Archers can choose from five spot targets, animal targets and even a movable bale stand to practice those close range shots. Crossbow use is allowed only when the shooter brings their own portable target to shoot.

Blackhawk provides a very friendly, family atmosphere for all types of archers from the beginner to the expert. Blackhawk has a number of indoor and outdoor tournaments throughout the year. The highlight of the year just might be the annual Blackhawk Open held each year.

If you are interested in finding out about Blackhawk bowhunter's feel free to give a board member a call or better yet, bring your bow and stop out at the clubhouse. Please phone first, our number is (608) 845-3960. Come on out and enjoy a friendly atmosphere, make new friends and have a great time practicing a great sport.

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Blackhawk Bowhunters, 1958
Blackhawk Bowhunters, 2008

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